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0 Membuat Mail Server Menggunakan Postfix dan Dovecot (Ubuntu 7.10)

Udah lama banget ga mosting di Blog, maklum lah sibuk sebagai pelajar kelas XII karena banyak ujian ujian..

Nah kali ini saya mau jelasin gimana cara membuat Mail Server menggunakan Postfix dan Dovecot.. Terus terang saja, buat anak kelas XII SMK terutama kelas TKJ (Teknik Jaringan Komputer) itu harus bisa bikin Mail Server. Bahkan Webmail (nanti saya update lagi di posting berikutnya).

Ibaratkan kita sudah bikin DNS. Sekarang langsung aja..

1.Pertama Install Postfix dan Dovecot:

root@server:/home/server# apt-get install dovecot-common dovecot-pop3d dovecot-imapd postfix

Tunggu beberapa detik untuk proses instalasi lalu.. Akan muncul tampilan biru, pilih "OK" dan pilih poin "No Configuration".

2. Setelah instalasi selesai, konfigurasi ulang Postfix:

root@server:/home/server# dpkg-reconfigure postfix

lalu ikuti langkah langkah yang harus diisi:

  • General type of mail configuration: Internet site
  • Tidak perlu di isi kalo ga penting
  • System mail name: Domain Server
  • Root and postmaster mail recipient: <Username_admin> (mau di isi silahkan, atau tidak juga tidak masalah)
  • Other destinations for mail: Domain server, localhost.example.com, localhost
  • Force synchronous updates on mail queue?: No
  • Local networks:, (Ip network LAN ke Client) 
  • Yes doesn't appear to be requested in current config
  • Mailbox size limit (bytes): 0
  • Local address extension character: +
  • Internet protocols to use: all

 Lalu buka configurasi main.cf di Postfix untuk menambahkan Maildir:

root@server:/home/server# vim /etc/postfix/main.cf

tambahkan di paling bawah konfigurasi :

home_mailbox = Maildir/

Setelah itu, buka konfigurasi Dovecot

root@server:/home/server# vim /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf

cari pop3 imap pop3s imaps dan hapus imaps dan pop3s nya saja
lalu cari disable_plaintext_auth
hapus tanda "#" lalu ubah dari "Yes" menjadi "No"

disable_plaintext_auth = no

Langkah selanjutnya membuat direktori mail di setiap user

root@server:/home/server#maildirmake.dovecot /etc/skel/Maildir/

Restart Dovecot dan Postfix

Tambahkan user, lalu test kirim mail dengan 

root@server:/home/server#telnet "nama domain" 25

dan membuka mail dengan

root@server:/home/server#telnet "nama domain" 110

Selamat Belajar :)komentari kalo masih ada yang belum ngerti :)

0 the GazettE - Shichigatsu Youka (Lyrics Translate English)

Shichigatsu Youka

It's been two years since we broke up, but it still feels like it was yesterday
Even though we're walking down different roads I still look towards your direction sometimes

I can't say that I want things to be like before
Because it's not cool
But despite that I still love you
So much that I can't do anything about it...

I cried every night, which was shameful
I even tried to forget you because it was so hard
But I still think about you.
I'm still so lonely...

Where are you, and what are you doing? Were you able to reach your precious dreams...
Maybe worrying is unnecessary But please, don't erase me from your memory

Do you still remember? Those precious days
When tears and smiles were still spilling
We cried together saying that
We would meet again, that we'd never forget each other...

Even though I'm such a weak crybaby
Will you walk with me once more?
I'll wait for years until that day comes

Please let me hear your voice I'm right here
I won't go anywhere anymore I'll stay here forever
I want to hear your voice, so I'll call you
But today, this call is rejected again...
Are you avoiding me? I don't even know that
But one day I found you

You, smiling happily
You were holding hands with the person you love now
You were so grown up and so beautiful
And even though I should've been sad, I was happy
It was enough to see that you're doing fine...
I pretend to be strong

I couldn't even talk to you and I held back my tears
All I did was wave my hand a little
Saying thank you, and stay healthy
Good bye to you

I'm still wishing for your happiness
You, that I love so much that I will never be able to see again
Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart
Goodbye, take care
Until the day we meet again...


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